About My Practice

Yoga for Everyone


Regardless of age or experience level, Yoga offers something for everyone. My Holy Yoga classes are typically a gentle flow or a gentle class. Beginners will feel comfortable and regular practitioners will be challenged with customization of postures. Yoga is a journey of self-discovery where emphasis is placed on how a movement feels and not how it looks. 

Enhance Your Wellness


Holy Yoga classes may enhance your wellness of body with movement, mind with breathing exercises that help calm and your soul with the Word of God. When all three are brought together on your mat and you unplug from the noise of everyday, you provide a place to connect with that still small voice inside of you.  

Calm Your Mind


The use of breath throughout the practice is a key ingredient to yoga It 

calms the mind and brings mindfulness to your practice. Meditation at the end of class will leave you with a feeling of calm that you can take off the mat and into your day.

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