Who I Am


I would like to introduce myself and my unique ministry. My name is Alicia Cossota and I’ve lived in Estes Park for almost 7 years. My ministry is Holy Yoga; Christ centered yoga classes offered under my company name Zoomet Yoga, LLC. 

I began teaching secular yoga with the classical Eastern influence in 2010. I realized that the Eastern influence wasn’t for me as it was not congruent with my Christian faith. In 2017 I became certified to teach Holy Yoga. 

Holy Yoga is a form of experiential worship created to introduce physical worship of the Lord through prayer, meditation, breath work and movement to all denomination of believers in Jesus Christ. Holy Yoga is for everybody regardless of age, race, denomination, or even physical health level. Our sole purpose is to connect people to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To deepen that experience, classes are practiced to contemporary motivational Christian music or Christian instrumental music. 

Yoga is not a religion; it is a practice of mind and body connection. When lead by scripture, prayer and worship poses, it is a practice that encourages patience and cultivates an understanding of what God can manifest in our physical and emotional bodies. When we can distance ourselves from the daily grind and find peace in worshipping with the entirety of our being, we find ourselves in the flow of His magnificence and in the midst of His grace. 

I hold three Certifications; 

      Registered Yoga Alliance (500 hours)

      Holy Yoga Certified

      Holy Yoga Master Certified. 

My actual teaching hours exceeds 1000 hours.

 Classes are donation based only.